Title First Author PubYear
Deep plug-and-play prior for low-rank tensor completion Zhao XL 2020
SAI: A Suspicion Assessment-Based Inspection Algorithm to Detect Malicious Users in Smart Grid Xia XF 2020
A bearing outer raceway fault detection method in induction motors based on instantaneous frequency of the stator current Song XJ(宋向金);Hu JT(胡静涛);Zhu HY(祝洪宇);Zhang JL(张吉龙) 2018
A Decoding Scheme for Incomplete Motor Imagery EEG With Deep Belief Network Chu YQ(褚亚奇)(1,2,3);Zhao XG(赵新刚)(1,2);Zou YJ(邹宜君)(1,2,3);Xu WL(徐卫良)(1,4);Han JD(韩建达)(1,2);Zhao YW(赵忆文)(1,2) 2018
A Framework for Adaptive Predictive Control System based on Zone Control Zheng HY(郑洪宇)(1);Zou T(邹涛)(2);Hu JT(胡静涛)(2);Yu HB(于海斌)(2) 2018
A geometrical path planning method for unmanned aerial vehicle in 2D/3D complex environment Liang X(梁宵)(1);Meng GL(孟光磊)(1);Xu, Yimin(2);Luo HT(骆海涛)(3) 2018
A multi-mode real-time terrain parameter estimation method for wheeled motion control of mobile robots Li YK(李元凯);Ding, Liang;Zheng, Zhizhong;Yang, Qizhi;Zhao XG(赵新刚);Liu GJ(刘光军) 2018
Feng B(冯斌);Shi ZL(史泽林);Chang Z(常铮);Liu HZ(刘海峥);Zhao YH(赵耀宏) 2017
2D normalized iterative hard thresholding algorithm for fast compressive radar imaging 2017
Wang JY(王敬依);McMullen, Carlton;Yao P(姚萍);Jiao ND(焦念东);Kim, Min;Kim, Jin-Woo;Liu LQ(刘连庆);Tung, Steve 2017
A Bioinspired Alginate-Gum Arabic Hydrogel with Micro-/Nanoscale Structures for Controlled Drug Release in Chronic Wound Healing 2017
Gao AZ(高安柱);Liu H(刘浩);Zhou YY(周圆圆);Wang ZD(王志东);Liang M(梁明);Wang ZL(王祖禄) 2017
A Finite Element Model to Simulate Defect Formation during Friction Stir Welding 2017
Wang ZZ(王振洲);Xiong JJ(熊晶晶);Yang YM(杨永明);Li HX(李海星) 2017
A General Friction Model of Discrete Interactions for Tendon Actuated Dexterous Manipulators 2017
Jin X(金曦);Kong FX(孔繁鑫);Kong LH(孔令和);Wang, Huihui;Xia ZQ(夏长清);Zeng P(曾鹏);Deng QX(邓庆绪) 2017